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Tree Service in Kingston, ON

Here at Kingston Tree Care, we offer premium service at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our neighbours through our passion for healthy plant life. 

When you hire us to care for your trees, you can trust that you are getting ISA certified arborists who will consistently do the best job available. 

From planting to maintaining, to removing, we serve all stages of your trees and hedges life cycles

Proudly service Kingston, Ontario and surrounding areas!

Our Services:

Tree & Hedge Consultation

Tree Planting

Tree Fertilization


Tree & Hedge Pest Control

Tree Trimming

Hedge Trimming

Risk Assessment

Tree Removal

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There are many reasons why someone may choose to plant trees on their property. Reasons can stem from practical, health, or aesthetic motivations. Trees are an invaluable resource to humans and animals alike. Trees are a vital part of the ecosystem. They filter the carbon in the air and produce clean oxygen for humans to breathe. They also provide homes, sustenance and protection for wildlife from the bees who pollinate our gardens, to the animals who nourish our bodies. Aside from the benefits to the ecosystem, healthy trees and hedges on your property increase curb appeal, privacy, and shade on those warm summer days. Our tree service specialists at Kingston Tree Care can ensure your saplings have the best chance to thrive by recommending optimal placement, fertilizing the infant tree or hedge and monitoring its growth. When needed we provide support poles and bracing while the sapling develops its strength to hold itself up.


While trees are majestic and resilient creatures, they are not impervious to mother nature's trials. Trees need a combination of nutrients from the earth, clean water, air and sunlight, the exact balance of which varies by species. Our knowledgeable tree care experts can monitor the health of a tree or hedge and diagnose what could be keeping it from thriving and determine the proper treatment to remedy the issue. We can also determine if something else is causing damage to the tree's health. 

Tree's and hedges can also become ill. Common factors that can make a tree sick are fungi, viruses or bacteria. Some signs that your tree might be sick are:

  • Discolouring in the bark or leaves

  • New growth dies quickly

  • Foreign growths such as mushrooms

  • Peeling bark

  • Deep cracks in the wood

  • Soft decaying spots in the wood

  • Branches that aren't producing any leaves, or very sparse

Of course, there are many more, but these are some of the most frequent signs. If you have concerns, we highly recommend you schedule a consultation with our tree doctors. 

If your tree(s) are having the issues listed above, they may also be host to a pest infestation. Trees provide a welcoming environment to a whole world of invasive pests that will damage their home if not taken care of properly. Much like the fleas and ticks that love to move into the family dog's coat, quick action is generally the best action to minimize the detriment to your tree's health. 

A good way to keep tabs on your trees and hedges health is to maintain them with tree pruning. Like a good haircut, trimming away unhealthy parts promotes new growth and allows the plant to thrive. It also allows for you or your tree service professional to get familiar with what is normal and what is not for your plants so when something abnormal happens or you find unusual changes in the bark or leaf patterns, problems can be detected and corrected quickly before the health issue spreads to other parts of the tree or nearby trees.

Tree trimming can also keep your tree from causing accidental destruction by interfering with powerlines, blocking outdoor safety lights or driveways, scratching vehicle paint when parked within proximity. It can also become a problem when branches begin growing into the structure of your dwelling. By starting tree pruning early on, you can shape the direction of the tree to reduce these risks.

If you are a hedge owner, you may also benefit from hedge pruning. Keeping your hedges nice and trimmed can be the difference between an unruly fortress wall or a simple, clean, privacy barrier between you and your neighbours. Regular hedge trimming is important to keeping your hedge line crisp and clean and prevent the vegetation from growing past the property lines.

For a maintenance estimate tailored to your tree needs, contact us today!


Once a tree has reached the end of its life, it can become hazardous to its surroundings. It can be a fire hazard or even a falling hazard as it becomes weakened.

If you are unsure of whether your tree has reached this stage, we offer a risk assessment where we determined the state of your tree's health and analyze whether or not it poses a danger.

There are also many reasons why one may want to remove a living tree.

  • Impeding the growth of other desired vegetation

  • Growing into a building or structure, causing costly damage

  • Obstructing a pathway or roadway

  • Improve visibility

  • Perhaps you wish to reduce the barrier between your home and others

The Importance of a Skilled Tree Professional

While it may seem tempting to some homeowners to attempt the job themselves, there are many dangers they may not anticipate that could cause damage to nearby structures or vegetation or even cause serious injury to anyone nearby.

A tree expert has years of extensive experience with trees and hedges and knows the tricks of the trade to get the job done safely, cleanly, and efficiently. Our tree professionals are fully insured and backed by ISA certifications, working at heights training and an arsenal of professional equipment to tackle any challenge that may arise.

In addition to safety concerns, our specialists know how to keep your trees and hedges aesthetically pleasing. They are pro’s at keeping the tree and hedge trimming even and healthy, and can help your tree’s retain their optimal shape.

Most importantly, our tree professionals have a passion for both trees and the safety of humans and are working towards a more green and beautiful earth.

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